Christmas Party 2009

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Bournemouth Weekend in November 2009 with Maggie Gallagher

Saturday Evening Theme - Star for a Night
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July 2009 - End of term social - Paint the Town Red

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Bournemouth Weekend in April 2009

Saturday Evening Theme - Black and White
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April 2009 - 8th Birthday Party - Masked Ball

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Blue Social for Diabetes UK - March 2009

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Christmas Party 2008

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Bournemouth Weekend in November 2008 - "Winter Wonderland"

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Halloween 2008

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Hollywood Social in July 2008

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Thanking our helpers at our 7th Birthday Party - April 2008

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Marie Curie Daffodil Fundraiser - March 2008

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"Think Pink" Evening in October 2007

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Bournemouth Weekend in October 2007 - "1960's Theme"

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Black and White Party in August 2007

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6th Birthday Party - "St George's Day"

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5th Birthday Party (2006) - "Caribbean"

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4th Birthday Party (2005)

Photo 4th_anniversary_party_-_apr_2005.jpg

3rd Birthday Party (2004)

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2nd Birthday Party (2003)

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1st Birthday Party (2002)

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