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Julie Myers

I started line dancing in 1996 after being introduced to it by my Mother-in-law. My only dancing background was ballet as a child and I liked the fact that I didn't need a partner to dance.

I joined a local class with my daughter and husband but soon outgrew the class and found one that progressed at a faster rate and held monthly socials where I could practice the dances that I had learnt.

I joined Dancin' Lines in 1998 where I started to learn more about the music and choreography and also did bronze, silver and gold medals.

In 1999 my teacher, Lorraine Thompson, started to train me to help in her classes. I qualified with the IDTA in May 2000 and continued to teach for Lorraine, opening a class in Woodley for her, which she later asked me, with Stephanie, to take over. This resulted in the birth of Steps 'n' Stetsons.

I love the social side of dancing - socials, dressing up, fundraising, workshops, weekends away and all the great people we have met along the way. I love the fact that three generations of my family can enjoy the same activity together.

First dance I learnt - Electric Slide
First dance I taught - Poor Boy Shuffle

Presentation for Julie's 50th Birthday

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