Links to Sites for Choreographers, Step Sheets and More

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Kickit - the original step sheet site, over 45000 step sheets and good searches. Subscription for some features and step sheets less than 90 days old. Older step sheets free.

Copperknob - one of the best free sites for step sheets.

Big Dave Baycroft - Midlands DJ with lots of up-to-date dances and reviews. (Note no longer updating the database - so not so good for older dances.)

Yipee - Currently being revamped and likely to require (free) registration.

Line Dancer Magazine - Gossip and venue details but step sheets require subscription.

Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick - Classes in Potters Bar, events in many places and step sheets for their dances and dances taught by them.

Maggie Gallagher.

Ria Vos.

Robbie McGowen Hickie.

Kate Sala.

Chris Hodgson.

Kim Ray.

Dancing at the 2012 Summer Social

Dancing at the Summer Social - August 2012 (Roaring Twenties)

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