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Old and Easy Social - Tilehurst

Description: Monica's line dance socials are mainly "Old and Easy" with a few new popular dances. They are at the British Legion, Downing Road, Tilehurst RG31 5BB. 8-11pm (doors open about 7.30). For more information contact Monica on 07981 089722. No need to book - just turn up. Bar downstairs.
Date: Friday, 20 January 2017
Repeat Type: ,Inclusion Dates=3/17/17 5/19/17 7/21/17 9/15/17 11/17/17 1/19/18 2/16/18 6/ 15/18 8/17/18 11/16/18
Priority: 5-Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Peter Higginson
Updated: Sunday, 14 October 2018 18:02 GMT

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